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Living in a space that has it all except amenities, doesn’t make it complete. This is because these amenities play a key role in determining how well you and your family will live. It doesn’t make much sense to have such a strategic development without considering the livability inside the condominium. Avida Land has done an excellent job in the planning of this residence and including amenities such as:

Water Features

The water features Avida Towers Vita has, are exceptionally done and by all means increase the quality of life here. Among these features include:

Lap Pool – This measures 20-meters long, almost half the size of a standard Olympic pool. If you are a sports enthusiast in need of exercising, you can do your swim laps here.

Kiddie Pool – Kids learn fast and this development gives you an opportunity to teach them how to swim as you spend quality time with them.

Clubhouse Features

Having a clubhouse in a residential space is the real deal. There is so much that comes with a clubhouse that you can’t for a minute imagine a life without this facility. Among the things to look forward to are:

Aerobics Area – If you want to work out and sync your life back into balance, you can start right here. You can do yoga with friends and even attend aerobic classes.

Gym – You don’t have to spend so much going into expensive gyms outside this residential area. The fitness equipment Avida Land has already invested here for both the youth and the children is enough. When you pay for your property, you have by extension paid for all of these.

Convenient Dining Areas – Who said homemade meals are only found in family homes. Avida Towers Vita is seeking to transform this by having dining areas conveniently located within the condominium community thereby according residents here the luxury of a meal out of their dining areas.

The Village Amenities

The clubhouse and the waterpark features are phenomenal. However, this doesn’t mean outside these spaces there isn’t life. There lots of other village amenities that will leave you spoilt for choice. Some of them include:

Grand Lawn – Do you want to take a stroll in the afternoon together with your kids as you bond? This is the perfect space for you. The lush green gardens bring forth the freshness of ideas thereby allowing you to revive your dreams and rekindle your love for family.

Activity Areas – Running around is healthy. These activity areas are designated just for that. You will have a lot of fun in the recreation sites and who knows you could even make new friends every day.

Entrance Gate and Security

Every visitor to this area passes through a manned security gate and this simply means the community within the perimeter walls is safe. In most developments, safety is a major concern and to Avila Land, it is a top priority. As you walk in through the gates, you will be precisely sure that this is the place you want your family to grow and thrive in.

  • Grand Lawn
  • Palm Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Play and Fitness Area
  • Tot Lot
  • Play Equipment for Kids
  • Fitness Equipment for Adults Greens
  • 20-meter Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Wading Area
  • Wet Lounge Greens
  • Grand Lawn
  • Palm Court
  • Activity Areas
  • Clubhouse
  • Play and Fitness Area
  • Tot Lot
  • Play Equipment for Kids
  • Fitness Equipment for Adults
  • Pools
  • Convenient dining areas and stores will be available
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